Workflow and Systems Engineering

Drawing on over a decade of experience in a number of technical departments, including camera, sound, post management, and technical supervision, Benjamin's workflow experience is as extensive as are his solutions for any production challenge. Everything from media and metadata integrity to power management and equipment pairing, each challenge is an opportunity to develop an innovative solution to make any production more efficient and keep the focus on creativity and capturing the best content possible.

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Preproduction Determinations

With the industry's current extensive range of camera formats and workflows, discussing the on-set necessities, post workflow, and final product's technical needs before production begins is the best way to minimize downhill issues and secure the robust integrity of the media before anyone even pushes record. 

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Technical Execution

A plan is only as good as its execution. By ensuring precise plan realization on set, while also leaving space for new ideas to develop in the moment, production will be confident that the content they see on the monitor will only improve throughout the post and finishing processes by maintaining high standards throughout acquisition. 

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Acclaimed Reception

A happy post department is a happy production. When post teams avoid the common headaches of issues created on set due to a lack of attention to detail or foresight, they can focus on being critical of the creative decisions they are making, rather than devoting  precious time to problems they've encountered on every other production.