With a passion for documentary storytelling, Benjamin has traveled the world in search of beautiful images to enhance the stories he captures. With a degree in journalism and a background in technical production, as well as a love for cinematography, his commitment to any project is unrivaled. 

Benjamin's experience began in post production, which allowed him to fully understand how decisions that are made in the field, both technical and creative, influence the final product, from the biggest decisions to the smallest details. By understanding extensive technical workflows and numerous cameras and formats to scene coverage and how visual elements complete a story, his presence on set streamlines all aspects of production.

Beyond the camera and the tech, Benjamin understands how access and relationships are the key to great content. Having worked in all types of content, from law enforcement and government-related projects to science and educational shows to theological stories, Benjamin approaches each project with the sensitivities and greater curiosity to capture authentic and original narratives.

He's collaborated on series and specials for HBO, CNN, Discovery, National Geographic, Smithsonian, A&E, Animal Planet, TNT, TBS, ESPN, Esquire, The Science Channel, MTV, History, DiscoveryID, OWN, BET, and Pivot. He's also worked on commercial projects for Mutual of Omaha and UNICEF/The United Nations. His feature projects include "An Honest Liar" and "I'll See You In My Dreams."

Benjamin thrives on exploring new worlds and navigating difficult conditions. He loves investigating demanding challenges and creating innovative solutions to enhance the creative storytelling of any production.